10 DIY odd jobs you need to stop putting off

It can wait until next week… There’s always tomorrow…

Sound familiar? Take some time this weekend and finally tick a few boxes off your ‘things to do around the house’ list.

Tame the garden

Gardens can get overgrown and untidy very quickly. Take advantage of a warm weekend and turn yours into a stress-free sanctuary.

Treat the floors

If the weather’s not so good, stay inside to seal and wax your wooden floors. It’s a time-consuming task, but the floorboards will thank you in the long run.

Clean the carpets

It’s not that enjoyable, but the results can be really satisfying! Try to make cleaning the carpets an annual thing – or at least pay a professional to do the job for you once a year.

Service the boiler

Pro advice is definitely needed here, but neglect the boiler at your peril! Make time for a service sometime in the summer, when the boiler isn’t quite as indispensable.

Tidy the garage and/or loft

It may be out of sight, but it’s not always out of mind. Reorganise cluttered spaces and you needn’t worry about them any more.

Replace broken tiles

Lots of us just learn to live with cracks and chips in bathroom and kitchen tiles. But replace whatever is broken, and you’ll wonder why you didn’t do it sooner.

Defrost the freezer

Freezer doors should shut easily, and draws should open and close smoothly. If yours don’t, time to defrost!

Clean the windows

Unless you have a window cleaner who pays a regular visit, you may not even notice how dirty your windows are. Be careful up that ladder, though!

Paint the fence

Or the shed, or the front door. A fresh coat can do wonders for your outside space.

Vacuum under things

Most of us routinely vacuum under the sofas, but what about cabinets, sideboards and coffee tables? If there’s a gap for dust to accumulate, you can be sure it will.

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