5 Top Tea Party Tips

It’s National Tea Day, so what better time to celebrate a good brew? Here’s our round-up of the latest tea party essentials. Enjoy!

Pick the perfect pot

The teapot is the centrepiece to any tea-drinking get-together, so make sure yours deserves the limelight. Floral patterns are all the rage for rural homes and traditional schemes, while bright block colours demand attention. We love the animal-inspired range at Wrendale Designs, and the bold designs at Daisy Park.

Pip Studio Spring to Life teapot, Daisy Park

Find a stylish saucer

Tea sets generally come all-in-one, but there’s no real reason not to buy things separately. Mix and match patterns to create a vintage look, or even be inspired by Victorian style and combine antique pieces. Cups, saucers, sugar bowls, stirring spoons; there are lots of options. Portmeirion is a great place to start.

Botanic Garden collection, Portmeirion

Treats for the table

The cake stand is a staple for English afternoon tea, and a must-have if you’re entertaining for lunch. Alongside the teapot, it’s sure to get the most attention. Again, you needn’t necessarily match precisely with the rest of your serving set, but it is important to create a cohesive feel. Mismatching the second tier of a three-tier stand is one way to shake things up.

Victoria & Albert Alice in Wonderland 3-tier cake stand, Creative Tops

Set the scene

A good cup of tea can be enjoyed almost anywhere, but it’s all the better when everyone is comfortable. If the weather’s fine, then head outdoors or settle down in the conservatory. Grey skies ahead? Then plump the cushions on the sofa or set up a small table in the kitchen diner. When it comes to tea, homeliness is happiness.

Evelyn wicker 4-seater table set, Jo Alexander

Cut the cake, and cue the music

The table’s laid and the tea is poured, now to sit back and relax. Whether you’ve just taken five minutes of ‘me time’ or you’re catching up with an old friend, a slice of cake always hits the right spot. Finish on the right note with your favourite music or radio station playing in the background. We’d recommend Roberts radios, for retro wow-factor.

Revival iStream 2 smart radio, Roberts Radio

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