Britain’s forever home revealed!

In a recent study of 2,000 homeowners, it was revealed that Britain’s ideal forever home is a four-bedroom detached country house worth £458,000. The study, which was carried out by leading door and window specialist Origin, also found that the ideal home included two bathrooms, two ensuites and two reception rooms. Plenty of natural light, a large kitchen and a play room were also among the must-have features.

While in the past it was not unusual for people to live in the same house their entire lives, today the average Brit has seven homes throughout their lifetime. However, the research proved that three quarters of people still believe in the concept of a forever home and a third are already putting money aside for one.

Location is another crucial factor, with 54% of homeowners choosing the sea as the perfect view from their windows, followed by countryside scenery such as rolling hills or a field of cows. Unsurprisingly, the least popular view was a football stadium. Going further afield, the ideal home should be situated no more than 10.5 miles from work, and within 2 miles of a Post Office, supermarket and pub.

The exterior is as essential as the interior, and ideally includes front and back gardens, a driveway, a double-garage and a conservatory. An ambitious one in three homeowners even sought a swimming pool and sauna. It also emerged that we dream of spending our years in a street surrounded by friendly neighbours, at least four of whom we are on first-name terms with. “The majority of homeowners are constantly climbing the property ladder, striving to find a home to live in for the rest of their lives,” says Ben Brocklesby, Director at Origin.

Most people believe they will have found their forever home by 53, while 84% of UK adults are happy with their current home, and 8 out of 10 say they are likely to try to improve the house they own now. Resoundingly, it is clear from this research that the concept of a forever home is very much alive.

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