Choosing the right bed

With the NHS recommending six to nine hours of sleep per night for adults, the average Brit will aim to spend around a third of their life in bed. With this in mind, it becomes even more essential that your bed is perfectly suited to your requirements. Lucy Helmore, Buying & Merchandise Director at And So To Bed shares her secrets on choosing the best bed for you.

“Combining style, size and quality is key to obtaining a bed that will bring most comfort, and one that will last,” says Lucy. “Specialist retailers can advise you on all aspects of choosing a bed from style to mattress, even if you have bespoke bedding requirements. The style of your bed is a very personal decision and there is an extensive range of frames, headboards and bed storage solutions to allow you to design your very own haven of relaxation.”

Selecting the right mattress

“When choosing a new mattress, it is important to make sure the retailer knows what type of mattress you currently sleep on and the type of mattress support system. The aim of a good mattress is to spread pressure evenly across the body to naturally align the spine and assist circulation during sleep. Having the right size mattress is essential in ensuring the spine is fully supported and there is plentiful of space when sharing.

“The level of firmness is dictated by the weight of the individual and the retailer will recommend accordingly – however it is always down to personal preference, so it is important when trying a bed, to spend enough time to test several combinations. We always recommend our clients to make themselves comfortable in our sleep studio, and to bring a book or iPad so they are at ease. Most manufactures will offer a pledge or trial period, so if you do change your mind after trying the mattress at home, it can be replaced within a certain period. It is even possible to specify a different tension on different halves of a mattress to allow a tailored sleep comfort for couples who have different requirements.

“Dual tension mattresses can be made by laying different spring tensions in each half of a complete mattress, or alternatively can be made in two halves and zipped together, allowing a variety of options to get the perfect specification and sleep comfort. The design of the frame is important as a good design will allow for height adjustment to accommodate different types of sleep platform to be used from wooden slats through to the ultimate luxury of a sprung bed base.

“Finally, the environment is crucial with colour, light, noise and temperature all playing an important part in restful sleep. Setting up a bed routine is as important for adults as it is for children and lowering your body temperature is very conducive to sleep.”

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