Create the perfect night’s sleep this winter!

Getting cosy this winter doesn’t have to be a struggle. We’ve teamed up with Duvalay and the Hilary Devey Collection to explore how you can optimise your bedroom for the colder months – and give you some great ideas for last minute Christmas presents.

Creating an inviting bedroom sanctuary from those cold winter nights can help to encourage quality sleep, which is needed to keep you happy and healthy. While gorgeous duvets and bedding, along with rich rugs and warming colours can help to create a relaxing space, ensuring your bed can provide added warmth is a must. “The drop in temperature will mean evenings turn chillier, so it is important that you take the time to ensure that your bed is fully prepared, in order to ensure your sleep isn’t disturbed,” says Thomas Colleran, brand manager at the Hilary Devey Collection.

  1. Swap your duvet for a higher tog rating

A great way to keep warm during the cooler months without the need for the heating on, is to swap your summer duvet for a slightly thicker one. We recommend a 105 tog rating for keeping you warm, without being overly toasty.

  1. Keep your feet warm

Putting a lovely rug down ensures your feet don’t land on cold floor. To make it a focal point, position it at the foot of the bed, framing the end.

  1. Upgrade to thicker curtains

This is a great tip for ensuring you block out ice cold drafts seeping through your bedroom windows. You can even style your room so that they match your bed covers.

  1. Layer it up!

Just like when you dress for winter, one of the best ways to ensure you create warmth is to add layers. Not only will this help to keep you cosy warm, it will achieve a great-looking bed at the same time. Add a throw over the end, fold an extra quilt halfway, or add in a chunky-knit blanket – very on trend for the coming season – on top of your sheets.

  1. Purchase a dual-season mattress 

Our Diamond and Diamond-Luxe mattresses from the Hilary Devey Collection are dual-season, meaning they have extra layers of warming wool in the winter side, and is cotton-rich for the summer side. The Diamond range offers many benefits when it comes to keeping warm in winter, as the tightly packed fibres store as much heat as possible and keep it cushioned around you while you sleep. Extra layers of wool and cashmere provide a snug-like effect to keep your toasty on cold winter nights.

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