How to create a stylish staircase

With a little bit of planning, the humble staircase can become a stylish centrepiece in our homes. 

Maximise your wall space

Open up your staircase with some well positioned mirrors. You can create the illusion of space by hanging a cluster of smaller mirrors or arranging larger pieces at intervals along the wall, or by hanging a feature mirror at the foot of the stairs to trick the eye into seeing more. Choose light colours and thinner frames to further add to the feeling of openness.

Consider your colour scheme

Staircase décor is generally approached in one of two ways; purely practical or as an opportunity to instil some creative flair into the home. However, advancements in easy clean paint and wallpaper have made it possible to combine the two styles. Bold, distinctive wallpaper often looks particularly effective, leading the way from one area of the home to another, while brightly coloured paint helps turn a functional space into a fun one.

Go green

House plants are all the rage right now, and there’s a particular emphasis on statement pot plants and creatively potted succulents. Larger plants can create a striking effect at the foot of the stairs, whereas smaller examples work well in hanging terrariums between the spindles of a balustrade, grouped on the windowsill of a half landing, or as staircase centrepieces suspended from the ceiling.

Light the way

A common problem with staircases in both traditional and contemporary homes is that they don’t receive a great deal of natural light. One way to tackle this issue is to install integrated lighting in the stair treads or spotlights along the stair rise. And if you have a high ceilinged staircase, how about hanging a statement pendant light, which will serving as a stand-alone design feature?

Focus on the floor

Staircases endure a considerable amount of wear and tear, and you should keep this in mind when choosing the shade and style of your floor. Light colours show dirt but darker colours can contribute to an enclosed feeling, which is why textured or natural carpeting and runners are a popular, more forgiving choice. Stripped or painted wooden stair treads can also be effective, but be careful with highly polished finishes as they can be slippery underfoot.

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