Creating an industrial look

The industrial look has been a popular and lasting trend for our homes. Incorporating key signatures of popular culture such as branded signage, typography and music memorabilia, this lofty trend is ideal for spaces with high ceilings, exposed brickwork and industrial fittings. Creative stylist Claire Hornby provides some style tips to help you on your way:


1. Typography

Personalised typographic signs are ideal for stamping your claim on an interior space whilst an eclectic mix of furniture and accessories will showcase your flair for mixing styles and trends together. Not all of us however are blessed with expansive loft spaces at home, therefore pick out key elements to replicate in the space you have available such as standalone industrial lighting or exposing the brickwork in your room.

2. Urban nature 

Stick to furniture with simple linear forms that are slightly rough around the edges to reflect the urban nature of the industrial look. Soften your scheme with warm leathers which inject an inviting and comforting flourish as well as a welcome contrast of materials.

3. Reclaim your space

The industrial design revolution has really made its mark with the use of furniture crafted from reclaimed and reused materials. The distressed appearance of reclaimed wood work makes it extremely versatile in both contemporary and modern schemes alike. Reclaimed wooden or metal furniture is generally crafted from collected and recycled discarded architectural materials or previously used items. Supporting this use of re-purposed products is a real step towards sustainable living, however this does not mean you have to compromise on style. Every item made from reclaimed materials is naturally 100% unique, giving reclaimed pieces the edge when it comes to industrial individuality.

Article and images provided by Barker and Stonehouse

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