DIY Disasters

Britain is a nation of do it yourself rookies making mistakes in the home – and they can cost a small fortune, according to new research. A survey found that 77% of Brits have committed a blunder that has cost them when attempting DIY in their home, and that the top two mistakes were running out of materials and using the wrong type of paint. Bristol was the DIY disaster capital of the UK, as 88% of locals confess to having messed up, compared to just 64% of residents in Belfast and 67% of those in Edinburgh. Here are the top ten mishaps to watch out for during your next DIY project – do any of these sound familiar?


Top 10 DIY blunders according to British homeowners:

  1. 72% have run out of materials part-way through a job

  2. 63% have measured up inaccurately 

  3. 61% have damaged carpets and furnishings

  4. 59% have injured themselves 

  5. 52% have used the wrong paint

  6. 51% failed to prepare the surface they were painting

  7. 28% failed to obtain the correct permits

  8. 23% have plumbed in pipes incorrectly 

  9. 19% have given themselves an electric shock

  10. 10% caused a leak after drilling through a pipe

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