How to find the perfect mattress

It’s World Sleep Day! So we have teamed up with Duvalay and the Hilary Devey Collection to offer buying advice on one of the most important purchases you will make; your mattress.

Take your time

Mattress shopping can seem quite a daunting task. With so many different shops and brands out there, and lots of technical jargon to wade through, it’s difficult to know where to start. But by taking it slow, and testing as many different options as possible, you’ll soon be sleeping in supreme comfort.

There are lots of features which you should look out for. The teams at Duvalay and The Hilary Devey Collection believe it’s always better to choose a handmade product, especially as these are becoming increasingly affordable.

Attention to detail

Hand side-stitching is probably what most sets a handmade mattress apart. As the mattress border is hand sewn to the springs it stays firm whenever it is used, which also prevents the mildly frightening feeling of rolling out of bed. A salesperson might also refer to ‘hand-tufting’, which essentially stops the mattress from losing its shape and bounce. Another benefit of handmade mattresses, this keeps you comfy for longer.

Lap of luxury

Who doesn’t like the thought of laying on layers of cashmere, silk, organic cotton and wool? You are more likely to find premium materials in handmade mattresses, allowing you to choose what suits you best. Cotton is ideal for keeping cool, while wool is perfect for chilly nights. For this reason, some mattresses – including the Hilary Devey Diamond range – offer a winter and summer side, giving you greater control regardless of the season.

Be sure to let your salesperson know if you regularly have trouble sleeping, as they may be able to suggest a specific mattress to tackle your problem. Whether you suffer from back pain, or you get too hot in the night, there are options available. Products such as the Diamond-Luxe mattress by Hilary Devey are packed with the latest technology to ensure the best night’s sleep possible. The Diamond Luxe is filled with breathable lambswool and features the unique MidasTouch spring system which works to reduce partner disturbance, as well as evenly distributing your own body weight.

Local heroes

Finally, by purchasing a handmade mattress you are usually supporting small often British companies – the Diamond-Luxe is manufactured in Yorkshire, for example. Handmade products can sometimes take a little bit of research to discover, especially if they are not stocked in big name stores, but the extra work is worth the reward. Try not to rush your decision, and you could soon be saying goodbye to long, restless nights.

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