Floral finish

Add a delicate touch to your bathroom with this bath melt recipe from Wild Olive, brought to you by British designer, Julie Dodsworth

• Dried lavender, grated orange peel and rosebuds
• ½ cup cream of tartar
• 2 cups baking soda
• 20 drops of essential oil
• A few drops of food colourant
• 1 tbsp sweet almond, coconut or olive oil
• Mini cupcake holders

1|Mix the powders together, then add the oils and colourant and combine.
2|Pack into an ice cube mould or cupcake holders and leave to set for a few hours.
3| Decorate with the dried flowers. Wrap in tissue paper or create an egg box gift set.

Always think ahead by drying flowers in season, as your own archive will be better than shop-bought and, of course, they’ll mean something more

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