How to make the most of your lighting

Lighting is an essential part of the home, but it’s important to utilise it correctly for the best results. Before purchasing a light source, consider the ambience you want for each room and how much light is required to achieve it. With an abundance of lighting options available, Dar Lighting has developed a room-by-room guide for the perfectly lit home.


To minimize the risk of accident during food preparation, Dar recommends having a strong light source in the kitchen. When cooking a large meal, the kitchen can get very hectic and so to reduce the trip hazard from wires and space restrictions of lamps, a good overhead light is the best way to go. LED lights are crisp and bright, which is ideal for illuminating open space, and for a decorative twist low-hanging pendant lights are an elegant complement to an island or breakfast counter.



Much like the kitchen, a good amount of light is required in the bathroom. However, it is also a space to relax in, and so dimmer switches are a must for those evenings when you fancy a nice soak in the tub. For this room, Dar suggests low-level lighting such as wall lamps with a shade (to add a softer finish) coupled with built-in mirror lights for when a more intense light is required.

Living room

This is one of the rooms you will spend the majority of your time in, and so lighting it correctly is imperative.  As it is also a space you are likely to entertain in, it is a good opportunity to invest in some decorative lighting such as whimsical table and floor lamps- or even coloured light sources- to give ambient lighting.



Table lamps are key here, as most of us settle down for the night by switching off the main light and relaxing with a good book in bed. Matching sets give a distinctly sophisticated look to any bedroom, or if you’re a real stickler for style why not go one step further and match the table lamps to the overhead light. A luxurious silk shade in the centre of the room is Dar’s recommendation.


It is crucial to have strong, bright hall lights for when you come home at the end of the day. As they are the first lights you see when you step through the front door, statement lighting can be an attractive feature for a hallway. Dar suggests a traditional hall lantern, or for those with impressive staircases a spiral or cluster light can have a striking impact.

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