Inspiration with LionsHome

LionsHome is an online platform revolving around beautiful home furnishing and living. Our mission is to help those who love a beautiful home as much as we do and to help make themselves comfortable within their own four walls. With more than 1 million monthly users in 8 different countries, LionsHome is now one of the leading European Home & Living online portals.

Everything for my beautiful home
At LionsHome, you’ll conveniently discover new inspiring design ideas, as well as the right products to make your home vibrant and beautiful.

Let yourself be enchanted by our interior design experts from the LionsHome editorial team. With lots of daily tips, great design ideas, a carefully curated set of products as well as current design trends, we want to inspire you and help you make your home even more beautiful. Whether you choose a rustic country-house style or a romantically dreamy-baroque design, we cover the entire style spectrum and provide an overview of all the current trends and products.

At LionsHome, we would like to offer the best product discovery platform for Home & Living. We have therefore put a lot of effort and love into a sophisticated and finely-filtered catalog system that helps you to find your desired product from over 40 million offers. With adaptive filters, you can select the color, material, and brand as well as define a price range. We work with a large number of shop partners, which is of great importance to us, and in addition to leading online furniture shops, we are also searching through the offerings of small specialists and interior design boutiques for the right products. You can also find your new favorite product in over 1,000 shops.

Blogger & Experts
In complimenting our daily offers of written tips on the latest trends in Home & Living, we also feature carefully-selected experts, who also find a place here at LionsHome. The LionsHome BlogNetwork offers a comprehensive overview of leading interior design and lifestyle blogs. In addition to the theme worlds of the LionsHome editorial team, you can also discover new, exciting blogs and find other various topics, such as “Motherhood” or “Delicious recipe ideas.” We bundle all the experts onto our site and make sure that you don’t miss out on all the new trends.

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