Discovering one-off pieces that are drunk with personality is what Lesser-Spotted is all about. Be it a folk marriage box, a vintage dresser, a mid-century sideboard or any other exciting find each piece adds their own unique footprint to our ever-growing collection; and it’s because of the stories and history they bring with them!

But even though we love the serendipity that comes with ‘spotting’ a new piece, we relish the challenge of creating something distinct for our customers – if they should have something particular in mind. At Lesser-Spotted, we promise to do our very best to fit your exact requirements by inviting you to take part in the design process.

Using our extensive contacts, we can provide a wide variety of antique and vintage upholstery furniture we have access to a stunning range including armchairs, sofas, dining chairs, stools, chaise-lounge and beds. Our range has graced many periods throughout history; from Georgian through to Art Deco and the 1950’s.

If you have something particular in mind, we would be more than happy to help source the period, style and type of antique that you desire or we can inspire you with ideas. Alternatively, we’d be glad to help work on a piece of your own!

Why not get in touch so we can help you uncover the essence of your personal style? By sourcing fabric samples and bespoke designs that work well together, we can turn your vision and ideas into a reality!

www.lesser-spotted.co.uk 01283 319003 info@lesser-spotted.co.uk

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