New Year – New Home with Vision Trimline

New Year is a time for setting goals, why not commit to improving your home with a living room makeover?

Your living room is the heart of your home, the Vision Trimline range is designed with the specific purpose of recreating the desire to use a fireplace as the central focal point.

The luxury range of innovative fires are skilfully engineered and give the choice of a truly trimless option with no distracting frames or visible mechanical workings, just fire.  Furthermore, meticulous attention has been paid to the realism of the fuel bed and flame patterns to ensure a perfect recreation of a natural, living fire. However, if your home style dictates, there can sometimes be a requirement for a little more flare and even extravagance!

To address this, we have created a range of frames and fireplaces that have a certain synergy with our fires. Sharing the same design ethos and manufactured to the same high standards, we have crafted a range that includes a variety of materials with a wonderful, natural beauty.

For more details on our Trimline range or to request a brochure please contact our sales office on 01204 868 550 email us at or visit

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