Top tips to get the most out of small living spaces

With houses in the UK being the smallest in Europe according to the University of Cambridge, decorating small spaces can be a challenge that many find difficult to conquer. HSL, the leading chair specialist shares five top tips on how to get the most out of small living spaces – from picking the right colour scheme, to the style of furniture you should be investing in.

Invest in three quarter sized furniture

Rather than squeezing large furniture into a tight space, invest in three quarter sized furniture such as loveseats and two seater sofas to give you ample space whilst maintaining the same level of comfort and style. Furniture with legs can also add further space as they appear less bulky and help light to fill the room.

Play with colours 

Traditionally, light or pastel toned colours have been said to make a room look bright and airy. However, you can add colour cleverly with a statement wall. Opt for bright hues such as jewel tones to give depth. Not sure where to add colour? Paint the wall which gets the most natural light.

Less is more

Opting for minimal furniture and decorations will help enhance the space available to you and stop the room from looking cluttered. Having a room clear from bric-a-brac and untidy furniture will create a tranquil environment allowing you to sit back and relax after a long day. Sometimes you can add space and achieve a ‘less is more’ look simply by re-arranging what you have!

Make use of walls

Add a little personality to your room and create more space using shelving units or stylish fitted storage, and hang wall art or photos to portray your personal style. It is so easy to forget that walls can be so much more than just the flat sides of a room!

Let there be light 

Light not only helps your room appear brighter and more vibrant, but it also acts as a mood enhancer. If your room has a good supply of natural light then look to enhance this by adding plenty of mirrors and ensure curtains or blinds can be pulled right back. If you are lacking natural light then consider how you make more of the space with the addition of lamps or additional ceiling lights. Just one extra lamp in a dark corner can make a world of difference.

Images and article supplied by HSL

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