The Trials and Tribulations of Flat-Pack

It’s a task we love to hate, but according to new research, Britons are getting hot under the collar when teaming up to tackle the dreaded assembly of flat-pack furniture. A survey of 1,361 UK adults carried out by interiors etailer Furniture123 revealed that 74% of British couples have had a flat-pack related argument. When it comes to disagreements over putting together flat-pack, UK adults are likely to argue over not having the correct tools (82%), unwelcome ‘interfering’ (76%), the method undertaken (59%), interpretation of the instructions (43%) and abandoning the job before it is finished (32%). 

Despite this, 61% of respondents say they would rather complete the task with a partner. Those aged 25 – 34 are the self-proclaimed champions of the flat-pack, taking on average just thirty minutes to assemble a piece of put-it-together-yourself furniture. However, the findings reveal that it is Brits aged 45 – 54 who are most confident in their abilities, with 31% stating that they could complete the task without the help of instructions.

Mark Kelly, Marketing Manager at Furniture123 says, “It may be that flat-pack furniture is causing a little friction between Brits, however a great number would still prefer to tackle the task with a partner. Perhaps we should be embracing flat-pack assembly as a bonding exercise. Whether it’s with your other half, housemate or friend, setting yourself the task of building your latest home furnishing is a great challenge and a good way to spend time together amidst busy schedules.”

65% of respondents admit to feeling proud at their most recent attempt at putting together a flat-pack product. Individuals working in the finance industry are revealed as being those who find the task of building flat-pack furniture the most stressful and tiresome (68%). Comparatively, it is those working in the building and construction trade who are the most likely to find the task enjoyable, keen to utilise their skills at home as much as at work (79%).

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