Ulster Carpets

Since its inception in 1938, Ulster Carpets have held a reputation as providers of the highest quality and most luxurious carpets in the marketplace. Although a global player in the world of carpet, the business remains family owned and to this day, skilled local craftsmen and women continue to weave Ulster Carpet at the original Castleisland site in County Armagh. Every part of the manufacturing process is managed within the UK, a factor which is of paramount importance to the company and which results in unrivalled quality and exceptional customer service.

We manufacture a wide range of carpets as part of our axminster, wilton and loop offering, with a variety of designs from contemporary traditionals to open grounds. Our axminster carpets are produced using our unique PYSLO™ technology and feature patterned designs such as Anatolia and Boho Collection compared to our plain wilton carpets which include our ever popular Ulster Velvet, Grange and York. ØPEN SPΛCES and our new range HΛBITÜS make up our loop offering, answering the demand for durable yet contemporary designs and which fit perfectly with the current trend of simple, understated aesthetics.


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