How to add instant character to your home

Sometimes it takes just one piece of furniture to totally transform a room. We spoke to Nick Smith at Smithers of Stamford, to get his take on how to give your home instant character…

Bring the bar home

A home bar is a fantastic way to create a sense of fun, and an experimental design is sure to get conversation flowing. Keep the look simple with some industrial style lighting, and don’t forget to stock up on your favourite tipple!


“I’m a die hard fan of vintage vehicles (and I like a drink or two), so the Tata Mini Truck Bar perfectly encapsulates two of my favourite things! This bar is repurposed from old motor parts, and reclaimed boat wood adds to its eccentric style and individuality.”

Write here, right now

Rules are there to be broken, right? So why not bring a tractor indoors? Or anything else, for that matter. The office is one of the easiest places to experiment in – so it’s time to say no to boring, blockish filing cabinets, and look for inspiration elsewhere!


“The original patina of this desk adds a unique touch, whilst the working headlights always raise a smile. We spend a lot of time at our desks waiting for creative inspiration to strike, so it’s fitting that the desk itself should be an original idea.”

Dare to dance

Music plays a vital role in any living space, and your player should enjoy pride of place. It can be tricky to incorporate technology into period homes, but there are plenty of products which bridge the gap, or vintage cabinets to house high-tech appliances in a traditional way.


“I love to mix old and new styles, so the Caruso Gramophone Hi-Fi is love at first sight. It’s right on the edge of irony – paying homage to vintage gramophones while boasting a modern day 4.0 Bluetooth connection, controllable by an iPhone app.”

Stateside seating

Seating is one of the most important aspects to any living room. Get it wrong, and the whole space falls short. Perhaps more than anything else in your home (besides your bed), make sure you are happy with how it feels as well as how it looks. A funky design is great, but only if you can relax into it.


“It pays to be fussy, particularly when it comes to comfort. And striking a balance between style and comfort is key. We love the Saba New York armchair’s combination of copper frame, vintage leather and sumptuous velvet.”

In the saddle

Interiors ideas are everywhere, and don’t be afraid to incorporate your favourite hobbies and pastimes into your décor. A home should reflect the personalities of those that live in it, and you can achieve an individual look by changing just a couple of furniture pieces.


“Lots of us have happy memories of playing on bikes as kids, and that’s the inspiration behind the Smithers Bike Stool. The design is sure to kick start a boring breakfast bar, and there’s no helmet required!”

Hub of the home

The dining room is a natural meeting point for all the family, and therefore a fantastic space to showcase some bold design ideas. Day to day life moves around the table, so it’s best to keep this particular piece of furniture simple – but that doesn’t mean it can’t carry wow-factor.


“Less is more with the Smithers rustic dining table. The stylish solid oak, powder-coated steel and simple lines will stand the test of time. Put this table in an open space for the best effect, or it makes a great conference table for anyone plotting a business empire from the comfort of their own home!”

The images in this feature are supplied by Smithers of Stamford

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