Our beloved Southdowns – taking us to lofty heights

Southdown Duvets has just turned eight years old and we are celebrating the past years of solving sleep problems now for thousands of customers. To be sure, all credit has to go to the clever Southdown sheep without whose fleeces our business would not exist. While ambling placidly across fields throughout the UK, the collective Southdown flock is busy growing a miracle fibre – something that we humans cannot replicate in a laboratory.

Wool is naturally flame retardant so very safe in bedding. It’s also hypoallergenic and dust mite-free – an excellent alternative to feathers and down and ideal for asthma sufferers. Importantly, the wool in a duvet, pillow or mattress topper regulates the micro-climate around you as you sleep so markedly reduces the disruption and discomfort of those ghastly night sweats associated with down and synthetic bedding. Our customers switching from synthetic bedding to Southdown wool say it’s literally an overnight revelation.

But why Southdown wool as opposed to the wool from other breeds of sheep? Well, the fibres of Southdown are very short; about 2 inches long maximum. While this does not lend itself to the perfect knitting yarn, it is ideal for bedding because it is very light and bouncy yet it packs major punch when it comes to warmth. In the wool business, the term is loft – Southdown is a lofty wool which gives our customers the perfect weight to warmth ratio when they snuggle down for the night.

So put your faith in our clever, sweet teddy bear-like Southdowns and try our bedding. We offer a very flexible refund or exchange in the most unlikely event you don’t become a wool convert. Call us for more details – we are here to sort out sleep problems and our own flock of Southdowns love getting feed-baaaaack from our customers.

Jessica Cross

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