Bespoke Natural Grey Oak Engineered

Engineered oak flooring should always be considered equal to solid oak flooring, only if they are of the highest quality and manufacturing. Here our client had spent a long time searching for a natural wood finish in a soft bespoke grey. The subtle colour variation, and depths of greys, and dark brown hues compliment each other akin to a genuine reclaimed oak wooden floor.

Colour Name: Highland Manor / Range: Tailor Made Patina

RFC considers all of its reclaimed treasures and tailor made creations to be pioneering vessels of creativity and craftsmanship. The methodology behind sourcing and crafting each piece of wood has been developed through years of experimentation and the collected expertise of hand picked industry professionals. Our belief that nature is the inherent architect is ingrained in each step from the reclamation of unusual timbers to the hand crafting of custom patinas.’

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