How curved furniture is taking over SS18 interiors

For a while now, interiors have featured sharp edges and sleek lines, something made more popular by the mid-century trend. This theme hasn’t completely disappeared from our radar, oh no, we’re still holding onto our marble coffee tables and velvet sofas.

However, with that, this season marks the welcome of softer, more rounded shapes. We’re seeing a rise in curvy sectional sofas and round tables, with many people opting for these social-friendly styles that almost hug the room.

Curved furniture comes in many different shapes and forms, and of course, you can find everything you need at Cult Furniture; from big to small, as well as bold and elegant, it’s easy to rethink your space with curves. As this trend crosses over into a nostalgic ‘70s feel, we recommend going all out with the velvet Bronte wingback armchair, styled beside the Madison nesting side tables; the faux-marble tops make it ideal for topping with a statement lamp like the Elegance Metal table lamp.

Bar stools continue to rule the SS18 interior design world for their portability and space-saving solutions, and now, you can merge the industrial look with sleek curves thanks to the Duke. Gold-toned legs are met with a round faux-leather seat, making it both comfortable and eye-catching. We particularly love the circular bar around the legs; an Art Deco twist on the much-needed footrest. Taking a cosier route when it comes to bar stools, the Heather comes with a plush velvet backrest in many different colours, including blossom pink and royal blue. Looking to revamp a hotel bar or luxe restaurant? This one’s definitely for you.

Meanwhile, for a more sophisticated approach, the Paloma footstool features a round velvet seat, cast atop hairpin legs. Available in six different colourways, you may find it hard to choose just the one. Opt for dark grey or black for monochrome rooms, leaving teal to pop beside light sofas.

Remember, you can bring curves into any room and smaller accessories allow you to move them around freely when redesigning the home or commercial space. Here, we recommend Aria hanging wall mirror with its vintage-inspired silhouette and classic simplicity. Both modern yet retro all the same, curved furniture can be anything you want it to be. One thing we’re sure of is it’s going to be big! So, don’t leave it too late to get in on the action and head to Cult Furniture now.

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