Deck the Halls

It’s time to deck the halls and jingle the bells – Christmas is on its way! For some people, putting up the decorations is one of the best parts of the festive season (along with gorging on Christmas dinner). 247Blinds surveyed 1000 people to discover their decorating habits and attitudes, from what they think about ugly garden ornaments to where they get design inspiration.

Let’s begin with the all-important decoration date. When do we hang up our festive trimmings?

  • 25% second week of December
  • 22% at the beginning of December
  • 17% in the week leading up to Christmas
  • 1% before November!

When it comes to how much we spend on decorations, the typical person forks out £38 on baubles, lights and wreaths for their home every year. Surprisingly, most people come up with their design inspiration all by themselves. We must be a rather creative lot. Watch out for those people who take a sneaky peek through your window for ideas.

  • Come up with it myself – 57%
  • Friends and family – 14%
  • Facebook – 8%
  • Looking through people’s windows – 8%
  • Magazines – 6%

Now we know that we’re fans of coming up with our own Christmas décor designs, let’s move onto what you shouldn’t do with your decorations. Here’s what your friends may just judge you on when they come around for a festive tipple.

  • Overuse of exterior lights on your home – 27%
  • Cheap looking decorations – 18%
  • Lack of decorations – 17%
  • Ugly garden ornaments – 15%
  • Overuse of tinsel – 13%

Let’s face it – decorating for the big day can be stressful and things can go wrong. We asked people to tell us what the most common Christmas calamities were. Ouch!

  • Decorations dropped on them
  • Christmas card paper cuts
  • Stood on a bauble with bare feet
  • Pierced by pine needles
  • Tree fallen on them

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