High Street to My Street

Wayfair’s resident style adviser, Nadia McCowan Hill, shares her top tips for mixing contemporary trends with classical interiors.

Artfully eclectic
There is a common misconception that homes should follow a particular style, whether that be polished and traditional or clean and contemporary, but the most interesting design schemes offer a fabulous fusion of pieces from different styles and eras. The secret to creating harmony is to find a common thread – whether that be palette or finish – that ties the room together. You should also edit your home regularly, so it’s a well curated collection of much-loved pieces that each tell their own style story.

Palette picks
Zoning in on a colour palette will enable you to marry more on-trend finds alongside more classical pieces, so think about the key tones that you want to incorporate in your home and then try to make sure that any trend-led items that you choose coordinate with them. Selecting a neutral palette is helpful when trying to mix pieces from different eras as it produces an understated rather than chaotic interplay – but do try to vary textures and finishes to create a dynamic look.

Trend touches
When it comes to big ticket items like sofas, beds or other large pieces of furniture, it pays to stick with more timeless styles as you will want these pieces to go the distance. You can then have fun with affordable finds like cushions, wall art and accents that tap into the latest trends, but that can be easily and inexpensively updated if you fancy a change or if the trend becomes passé.

Size matters
Finally, be aware of scale when mixing high street finds within traditional interiors. A few oversized pieces will add impact to a scheme, so go for that giant pendant light, choose that statement art and opt for the giant chair. Sizing up creates an eclectic home with a certain confidence, whether you have a passion for period design or are looking to amp up your space with contemporary pieces.

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