Lighting: The Inside Scoop

Lighting serves a solely functional purpose in the home, so it is easy to overlook when it comes to incorporating it into the style of your decor. However, Tom Pratt, Lighting Expert at LightBulbs Direct, tells us how to create lighting at home that’s both practical and decorative:

How can good lighting make a difference in a room?

Lighting can often be underestimated in the home, but when you put so much time and effort into designing a room, it makes sense to finish off with good lighting. It has the potential to bring out the best features in a room, and also add character to an element that is easy to forget about.

If you’re feeling creative why not choose a coloured bulb – choose between warm yellows and oranges or cooler blue bulbs depending on the atmosphere you are going for.”

What is the best way to add style to the room through lighting?

It’s easy to go straight for the lampshades when incorporating light into a room, but picking a decorative bulb can enhance any lamp. Antique style bulbs, such as the Crompton Antique range are fantastic for adding a warm ambience, and look great with or without a shade – perfect for period properties.”

We’re keen on saving energy in our home – does this mean we’re stuck with boring lightbulbs?

Not at all! The Plumen Designer Energy Saving bulbs come in a range of unique twisted shapes. Lasting around eight times longer than a normal lightbulb, they’re a great option for those who want to save energy without compromising on style. Designed to be seen, they are fantastic for the eclectic mix.”

Finally, what are the latest trends in lighting?

Energy efficiency is a big thing at the minute – LED’s are expected to remain popular purely because of their ability to cut energy costs. In terms of style, pendant lighting has seen a massive surge in demand. From contemporary to vintage styles, it’s a trend that we expect to stick around for the rest of 2015.”

To find out more about how much money you could save from energy-saving lighting and to check out LightBulbs Direct’s latest range of lightbulbs, visit their website:

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