Now is the time to change your mattress!

Got the seven-year itch? Maybe it’s time to change your bed…

We’ve teamed up with Duvalay and the Hilary Devey Collection to explore why May might be the month to consider investing in a new mattress.

While some great relationships go on forever, your bond with your mattress should only last a few years, especially if it is becoming the cause of a bad night’s sleep or if you are waking up with aches and pains.

The Sleep Council advises that you should look to replace your mattress every seven to eight years because it will have lost much of its original comfort and support by this time. It’s also true that the average human sheds over a pound of skin a year, while also losing around half a pint of moisture each night. Just imagine what your mattress holds by the end of its lifespan!

May is the perfect time to start thinking about investing in a new mattress. The improving weather and longer weekends, including two bank holidays, mean we can tackle those household jobs and DIY projects we’ve been consistently putting off.

If you’re unsure whether you are in need of a new mattress, we recommend answering these simple questions from the sleep council:

1.    Is your bed more than 7-8 years old?

2.    Are you waking up more frequently unrefreshed and aching?

3.    Do you disturb your partner or are you disturbed by them when changing sleep positions?

4.    Does your mattress look used or worn?

5.    Does it feel lumpy?

6.    Is it sagging – do you and your partner roll towards each other unintentionally in the middle of the night?

7.    Are the base, legs or castors lumpy, worn or wobbly?

8.    Would it be embarrassing if neighbours saw it without its covers?

If you answered yes to more than half these questions, then it is probably time to start shopping around.

The Hilary Devey Collection gives those suffering from the seven-year itch a fantastic starting point. Lovingly handmade in Yorkshire, the collection uses only the finest materials of wool, silk, cotton and cashmere combined with the latest in innovation techniques.

The star of the show, the Diamond-Luxe uses only the finest materials of silk, cashmere and cotton, along with handcrafted features and the latest innovation. With a cotton-rich summer side and extra layers of wool in a winter side, the Diamond-Luxe provides you with a good night’s sleep all year round.

For more information on the Hilary Devey Collection, please visit

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