Revealed: the UK’s Bedroom Tribes. Which one are you?

Bedrooms – havens for sleep, but also places which say the most about their owner’s personality according to new research by British bedding brand Appletree. The findings revealed six distinct ‘tribes’ when it comes to bedroom design; not only are these tribes linked by their taste in décor, but also by common personality characteristics.

Britain’s six most popular bedroom tribes are:

  • The Blooming Bright Bunch
  • The Grey Gang
  • The Dream Catchers
  • The Racy Set
  • The Clear Clan
  • The Baroque Brigade

Jackie McLoughin, Design Director for Appletree, says: “The bedroom is a private space where people feel freer to express themselves than in the public areas of the home. Our survey found that the bedding and décor you choose reveals more than you might realise about your personality.

                                          1. The Blooming Bright Bunch

This tribe opts for bright blooms, bold colour schemes and mixing in retro/vintage looks. They describe themselves as confident, fun-loving and adventurous.

2. The Grey Gang

Members of this tribe know that grey will always deliver a super chic space, and describe themselves as organised, considerate and reliable.

3. The Dream Catchers 

Creative by nature, this tribe is drawn to designs connected with the natural world and favours floaty bohemian fabrics and delicate paisley prints. They describe themselves as sensitive and imaginative, with strong values.

4. The Racy Set

As mysterious and magnetic as the folk who reside in them, bedrooms curated by the racy set are dark, decadent and filled with tactile materials. This group describe themselves as practical, romantic and natural leaders.

5. The Clear Clan

Whether they incorporate clean scandi lines or opt for a more traditional take, a clutter-free space is essential for this group of minimalists. Members of the tribe describe themselves as friendly, open minded people who like to keep things simple.

6. The Baroque Brigade

For some, ornate mirrors, trinkets and vintage vases can be overwhelming, but not to the Baroque Brigade. This flamboyant tribe feel most at home in decorative schemes which reflect their exuberant personalities, describing themselves as unique, warm and open.

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