Romantic style all year round

It’s easy to set a romantic scene with rich red roses and irresistible chocolate treats, but this décor doesn’t have to be restricted to Valentine’s Day. Add a dash of enchantment to your abode with these season-proof design ideas from Sofology.

Love letters
From simple sweet messages to pairing your initials, typographic displays are the perfect way to bring a subtle touch of love without overbearing a room. Why not try framing a special letter to display on your wall or coffee table to really make the space feel personal.

Dreamy textures
Combine red or pink hues with soft quilting to create a sanctuary you can’t wait to relax and unwind in. The easiest way to bring this look into your home is with beautiful, statement furniture; be sure to explore the Sofology range of fabric sofas in warm, inviting colours, and you and your partner can sink into comfort any time of year.

The right hues
Romantic shades are on-trend. With dusty pinks and blush tones
complemented by gold accents taking the interior limelight, creating a soft and amorous living space has never been easier. Mix these rich hues with deep graphite or navy tones to create a regal space guaranteed to make you feel cosy and comforted.

Mood lighting
Candlelight is the essence of romance and will help you create the perfect ambience throughout your home. An alternative method is to add fairy lights around the edge of the window frame or delicately place them into glass bell jars and watch the room turn into an enchanting wonderland you’ll never want to leave.

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