Seasonal décor: take your home interior from summer to autumn

Ahead of the upcoming A/W season, we’ve teamed up with leading chair specialist, HSL, to share five tips on how to work with warm palettes and simple decorative elements to help transition your home from the warmest season of the year to the cooler days of autumn.

Warm up the colour palette 

The shades of autumn are traditionally fiery, earthy, golden and natural, making it easy to add some autumnal pops of colour to your interior. When the weather turns cool and crisp, your home becomes more of a haven than ever. From rustic browns to golden yellows, deep reds and forest greens, experiment with autumnal colours to create a snug and inviting environment in your home.

Add rich texture

A key to creating a stylish space is combining luxurious textures. Working with the autumnal colour palette, pair soft fabrics with knitted accessories (the chunkier the knit the better), luxurious velvets and sumptuous faux furs. The beauty of this trend is that you can work with as many or as few new textures as you like, and you will be amazed at how something as simple as replacing pillows or adding a rug can change up your space.

Awaken your senses

There is a wide variety of autumn-scented candles that will help turn your home into an inviting environment. Cinnamon, pumpkin and vanilla are just a few of the scents that are perfect for the autumn season. Why not channel your inner crafting skills and create an autumn table centrepiece with large candles, pine cones and potpourri? Not only will it smell divine, it will look great too.

Update your bedroom

There are a few simple changes you can make to turn your bedroom into a cosy retreat throughout autumn. Refresh your bedding and swap your white linen sheets for softer fabrics, or opt for a heavier duvet and thicker throws to help add extra warmth. Look for decorative pieces in earthy materials like wood and metal, and try incorporating rich wooden picture frames or pieces of driftwood into your space. Complete the ambiance by bringing in candles in heavenly scents such as spiced apple or vanilla.

Bring the outdoors indoors 

Head outside and forage for autumn’s finest delights. Fill jars with small branches and dried leaves, or create a bundle of fallen twigs wrapped in a bow to place in your hallway or on your fireplace for added decoration. For the ultimate rustic feel, fill a wicker basket with different sized logs. If branches, leaves and logs aren’t really your thing, use seasonal fruit – the best autumn fruits to decorate with are apples, pears and pumpkins. To make your seasonal fruit last longer, slice them thinly and bake in the oven until they are nice and crisp. Once cool, make them into a wreath or pretty ornaments and place around your home.

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