Simple ways to make your home greener

There’s a growing movement towards more sustainable living, with nearly 9,000,000 smart meters now installed in our homes and sales of organic food and drink up by 6% last year alone. Whether you’re motivated by lower household bills, improving your family’s health or caring for the environment – there are simple ways we can all live a little greener at home. Jayson Branch, Creative Director at Castrads, shows us how to reduce our carbon footprint, without sacrificing style.

Heat smart
Try not to position large items of furniture in front of radiators, as doing so will restrict the flow of hot air around the room. Adding thick curtains is a practical way of limiting up to 20% of your home’s heat loss through windows. Where possible, close the curtains behind your radiators instead of in front; as well as showing them off, this helps keep heat in the room.

Au naturel
Consider switching to natural alternatives instead of relying on convenience products. Bicarbonate of Soda is a miracle non-toxic ingredient with super-effective abrasive and deodorising powers. Mix with water to clean stainless steel, sinks and walls, or sprinkle on upholstery and carpets before vacuuming it up to refresh your rooms. Vinegar is another handy kitchen staple which can double-up as a powerful cleaner, cutting through tough grease and making your home sparkle.

Healing houseplants
The air in our homes can be very polluted, with culprits including benzene in scented candles, nitrogen dioxide from log-burning stoves, and formaldehyde in the foam of our sofas. Enter houseplants. So much more than a Millennial ‘fad’, indoor plants are back in fashion for more than aesthetic reasons. As well as purifying the air we breathe of harmful toxins, indoor plants can also help control humidity levels and even lower sound pollution. One healthy plant for every 100 square feet of living space is a good idea.

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