The Knightsbridge Velvet Collection from Art of the Loom

Art of the Loom is a textile designer and distributor based in Clitheroe, Lancashire. They are dedicated to using only pure natural fibre fabrics, all of which are responsibly sourced and designed in the UK. Their new Knightsbridge Velvet collection features a spectrum of lavish hues from Pinot Noir through to Parched Savannah, perfect for channelling classic grandeur. The collection’s innate opulence and lustrous texture can take on a modish Parisian feel and yet look and feel incredibly traditional, all at once. With fourteen stunning shades to choose from, you’re sure to find something to suit your space. The brooding intensity of Maraschino, the brilliance of Strawberry Crush, refreshing Teal’s Brow and uplifting Verde are all picture-perfect shades for updating an interior this season.

Tel: 01200 427744

Price: £58.80 p/m

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