The UK’s Best Home-Improvers

It can be said that Britain is home to the proudest homeowners. We are a nation obsessed with interiors, and we are continually perplexed by how other people like to live, decorate and furnish their own four walls. Compared with other nations, Brits lovingly preserve their homes and demolish few. Aptly, the latest English Housing Survey suggests up to three quarters of our homes are more than 50 years old.

Bearing this in mind, bathroom and shower experts, Showerstoyou sought to uncover the UK districts that are spending the most on refurbishing their home.
Research reveals the top three districts for home improvement are Kensington and Chelsea,with 6.8 home improvement planning applications for every 100 private homes, followed by Westminster (6.5) and Cambridge (6.5.) Conversely, the bottom three districts for home improvement are Blackpool, with 0.4 home improvement planning applications for every 100 private homes, followed by West Dunbartonshire (0.5) and Stoke-on-Trent (0.6.)

Investigating the home improvement boom further, Showers To You conducted a survey featuring 1,212 UK homeowners and the leading results are listed below:

o 68% look to online websites and trends to find home improvement inspiration.
o 36% say “to simply improve aesthetics” is the main factor for home improvement.
o 23% chose ‘building an extension’ as the home improvement they would most like to carry out.
o 45% admit they would choose the cheapest home improvement route available.
o 59% of homeowners would rather carry out home improvement tasks than source a professional.
o 36% believe the living room is the most crucial area to improve.



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