Used Kitchen Exchange: a new kitchen-buying and selling experience

You might not have known it, but you can sell your used kitchen – and you can buy a quality used kitchen too!

Helen Lord set up Used Kitchen Exchange after she had a great idea; to provide an online service specialising in the buying and selling of ex-display and second hand kitchens. A service which is cost effective for customers, makes money for the seller and is environmentally friendly.

So if you are buying a beautiful new kitchen and thought the skip was the only place for your old but good quality units, think again! Or if you’re on a tight budget but don’t want to compromise on quality, is the place to visit!

Most kitchens can be reconfigured to fit a different space or design. The look of a kitchen can also be dramatically changed with a new worktop, or change of tiles. So finding a set-up which is the right size for your space is your first priority.


The process is simple and support is available for buyers and sellers from start to finish. The team just loves kitchens, and the fact that they are helping the environment by recycling means every sale is valuable in more ways than one.

Helen Lord - Used Kitchen Exchange

All kitchens are professionally surveyed, valued and photographed insitu at the property, the details including full measurements and images are then put up on the Used Kitchen Exchange website for sale. Removal and delivery can also be arranged as part of the service.

Used Kitchen Exchange is a multi- award winning company for their green credentials, saving 1,000’s of kitchens from going into landfill. Helen often says, “You wouldn’t throw your old car away when you have finished with it, so why do that with a kitchen which can often cost more than a car.”

The Used Kitchen Exchange provides quality used kitchens, at low prices from a sustainable source – it’s a win/win situation for everyone involved! For more information visit or call 0151 541 9420.

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